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Article provided by: We Fix Crack - Cell Phone Repair Katy

Iphone 6 Screen Repair Houston

Iphone 6 Screen Repair Houston

The screen of your Apple iPhone is an essential part of the device. Any damage or crack to your iPhone 6 screen can render the device temporarily useless. For your iPhone 6 screen repair in Houston, We Fix Crack is the ideal place to turn to. We specialize in repairing cracked screens for iPhone, iPad, smartphones, and more.

In addition, we offer well-detailed and highly professional services. Our skilled experts have repaired over 1000 devices. By using their experiences and expertise, we will fix your phone fast and excellently. We serve clients in Houston and the entire Texas area.     

What Are the Various iPhone 6 Screen Issues?

Below are some common issues with the iPhone 6 screen:

Cracked Screen: This is the most common screen issue with iPhone 6. When it falls, there is always a risk of it being cracked. A lot of people have reported that iPhone 6 is easy to damage when dropped. Especially when there is no protective case. Continue usage of a cracked phone will only make the phone worse and exposes your phone’s components or internal parts.

Unresponsive Touchscreen: This is another issue with the iPhone 6 screen. Sometimes the whole screen of iPhone 6 might be unresponsive to gestures. This might be caused by a lot of things, from keyboard problem to some upgrade issues.

Touch Disease: This iPhone screen issue is mainly caused as a result of physical stress to the touch controller. When you pocket your phone and probably sit on it, it can be subjected to physical forces and pressure that can flex the iPhone. The pressure may not deform your phone. However, it may cause the touch controller to separate and lose contact with the main logic board, causing the screen difficulty in recognizing gestures like pinching and zooming.

Phone Screen Freezes: iPhone 6 screen can also freeze while some apps are being used. Some users have experienced this many time, and it can occur multiple time in a single day.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an iPhone 6 Screen?

The cost to repair an iPhone screen can range from $100 to $250 for a broken iPhone 6S screen. However, the cost is usually dependent on your location, labor costs, the kind of fixing to be done, whether a repair or a whole new screen replacement is needed for your iPhone 6.

How Long Does It Take To Fix An iPhone Screen?

Fixing an iPhone screen is pretty straight forward, and should not take much time if you are fixing it by an expert. iPhone can be an expensive and delicate repair that needs a diligent work. However, many will be able to repair your phone in under an hour. The factors that can influence the time in any way could be a long queue.

Contact Us Today!

Is your iPhone 6 screen cracked or broken? Contact us today at We Fix Crack if you need expert iPhone 6 screen repair in Houston, TX. Our services are affordable, reliable, and prompt. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality services that give 100% client satisfaction.


Iphone 6 Screen Repair Houston
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